Aerospace and MRO

Dayton, Ohio is the birthplace of aviation. Montgomery County and the Dayton region continue to build on that innovative tradition by attracting and growing aerospace manufacturing, maintenance repair operations (MRO), and related fields.

Sinclair College’s Nationally Recognized UAS Training and Certification Center

Sinclair College’s National UAS Training and Certification Center, located in Dayton, Ohio, represents the culmination of a focused vision dedicated to creating one of the most comprehensive and pioneering facilities for the advancement of UAS training and applied research support. It is also one of the first credentialed UAS programs in the country! For more information on the innovative UAS training at Sinclair College, visit:

PSA Airlines

PSA Airlines needed a new hangar facility to accommodate their extensive growth.  They worked with the City of Dayton, the Dayton International Airport, Montgomery County Economic Development, and other regional partners to build a 77,000 square foot hangar adjacent to their existing operations control center.


We have the market, materials, and suppliers to help you grow your business.

Our region’s history in aviation innovation means we have a comprehensive network of aerospace suppliers, component manufacturers, and service providers that can create opportunities for your business to grow. Take a look at the attached map of Ohio companies that shows Dayton, Ohio as an aerospace and manufacturing hub, strategically positioned for your company’s expansion.

Workforce development

Montgomery County represents one of the safest and least risky locations for potential MRO facilities. Our community boasts a variety of workforce assets that, individually and when taken together, represent the ideal location for new MRO sites. To learn more about our Workforce Development capabilities, click here!