The Automotive Industry

The automotive industry has been a huge part of the Dayton Region. The region’s ties to the automotive industry date to when Charles Kettering brought a new era to motor cars with the design of the electric car starter. Our contributions to the auto industry have evolved to include everything from parts manufacturing to research and development.

Sinclair College is the only institution in the Midwest to offer the Tesla START Program, an accelerated 12-week course of study designed to equip students with the skills to become electric vehicle technicians.

Fuyao Glass America is headquartered in Moraine, Ohio, and is one of the largest producers of automobile glass globally. Fuyao owns over 300 patents on automotive glass technology, making them a leader in industry innovation.

Inteva Products, based in Vandalia, Ohio, develops and builds interior systems for the automotive industry. Inteva is leading the way in closure systems with integrated electronics and electronic systems for door and roof support.

DMax, Ltd. is a joint venture between General Motors and Isuzu Diesel Services of America. The company manufactures award-winning diesel engines for GM’s popular heavy-duty trucks.

Tenneco is a leader in the market of clean air, suspension, and powertrain components. In addition to light vehicle and commercial trucks, Tenneco’s products support industries like energy, industrial, power generation, railway, aerospace, and small engines.

The automotive industry has a long history in the Dayton Region. With a strong workforce experienced in manufacturing and situated at the intersection of I-70/75, the Dayton Region is primed for growth in the local auto industry.