LION is an innovation driven company devoted to utilizing technology to develop life-saving products. LION’s mission is to deliver personal safety, readiness and identity needs for the global workforce. The company’s goal is to grow consistently, utilizing profits from existing products to support and advance current solutions while drawing from experience and research and global relationships to develop a suite of revolutionary safety training products and protective gear for first responders. Learn more at:

“We are a systems integrator that seeks to find the best materials and techniques for building our products in innovative ways. If we have needs, particularly about where to find the best materials and technologies, DRITA is fast to respond to our request to find companies who can introduce us to new materials and new products that can help us.

“We compete in our market based on an innovation strategy. It’s critical that we use every resource we can to find materials and technology to make our products competitive in the marketplace. Through the Dayton Region Israel Trade Alliance organization (DRITA), we can talk to companies that can help us. For example, we were introduced to ELBIT Systems, which designs and manufacturers helmets for the U.S. Air Force. That company set up shop in Dayton. DRITA introduced them to us on their first trip to Dayton. We talked to them about their technology and its applicability to our market.

“We also won a large grant from the BIRD Foundation in partnership with an Israeli startup. DRITA provided advice and analysis that was very helpful in providing us background information about the company principals and how best to negotiate with them.

“We have to connect with outside organizations to find the best ideas that work alongside with the best ideas from inside our company. That’s part of our strategy to be the most innovative company in our industry and DRITA helps facilitate that strategy.”