Medical Technology

Bioscience & Medical

The Dayton Region’s background in automotive, aerospace and manufacturing has allowed companies to capitalize on that history of experience and the existing workforce and talent pipeline to make healthcare, medical device manufacturing, and biosciences some of the fastest growing industries in the region.

Not only are companies expanding their manufacturing portfolios into the medical device field, but they are also leveraging that existing talent base and training structure to attract new investment.  Regional assets like the University of Dayton Research Institute, Wright State Research Institute, Fastlane, Wright-Patterson Air Force Research Lab, and the 711th Human Performance Wing at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB) help to foster the environment.

Headquartered at WPAFB, Ohio, the 711th Human Performance Wing (711 HPW), is the first human-centric warfare wing to consolidate research, education, and consultation into a single organization.  The Wing’s primary mission areas are aerospace medicine, science and technology, and human systems integration.

Health Care Services is one of the fastest-growing needs and industries in the United States, and Montgomery County is uniquely positioned to provide high-quality patient care and opportunities for related businesses and entrepreneurial thinking.