I regularly meet those that are intrigued by our region's sound infrastructure, educational institutions, expanding workforce pipeline, and resourceful network of industry experts. The Sinclair College National UAS Training and Certification Center is a key resource and partner in the region, supporting UAS commercialization and technology transfer, applied research and development, modeling and simulation, data analytics, and consulting, training and education. We often engage with local, national, or international clients and support our students through multiple academic certificates and associate and bachelor of applied science degrees, which provide hands-on experience and workforce training programs to support the next generation of industry professionals.
- Andrew Shepherd – Executive Director and Chief Scientist, Unmanned Aerial Systems at Sinclair College

Quite honestly, our community is a hidden gem. When you look at the education systems, our variety of amenities and recreational activities, and the overall cost of living, we have so much to offer.
- Dan McCabe – Chief of Staff at CareSource

You can't go a day in your life without being impacted by something that was invented in Dayton. It's a well-connected community, and our work is made possible through collaborative relationships with local businesses and the county's economic development team.
- Bryan Stewart – Workforce Director at Montgomery County Educational Service Center

In Dayton, we recognize that the job gets done when everyone works collaboratively. This is very unique and provides us a basis for who we are — and there are always opportunities for growth. We're constantly looking to be more innovative because we know the greater combined parts will always exceed the capacity of one.
- Amy Leedy – Adult Education Director at Miami Valley Career Technology Center

Montgomery County possesses a diversity of opportunities. When you surround yourself with the kind of talent and innovation we have here, you're only adding value.
- Scott Koorndyk – President at The Entrepreneurs’ Center