Advanced Manufacturing

The Dayton Region is leading the way in new manufacturing processes. The University of Dayton Research Institute (UDRI) helps companies integrate the latest technologies and practices to increase global competitiveness. With research into additive manufacturing, robotics, and automation, UDRI is helping local manufacturers decrease costs and reduce waste.

UDRI and the Air Force Research Labs (AFRL) provide access to breakthrough products and high-tech laboratory space for local businesses.

Dayton is home to the Dayton Region Manufacturers Association (DRMA), a leader in workforce development and education for local manufacturing companies. DRMA is expanding the number of “earn-and-learn” programs that combine classroom learning and several local higher education institutions and manufacturing businesses.

Companies that are looking to solve issues in their manufacturing process reach out to Fastlane to resolve everyday issues or help plan for operational efficiencies.  The Dayton region has a lot of professionals who are committed to growing your company.

Innovation is at the heart of all work produced in Montgomery County. Companies with deep roots in research and development are locating to the region knowing they can launch new projects with the help of our innovative drive. From small businesses to research commercialization, we offer critical, complementary resources to start-ups and scale-ups. The region’s entrepreneurs also drive innovation, diversify the region’s economy, and fuel prosperity. Cornerstone Research Group, Emerson Helix Innovation Center and GE Aviation EPISCenter are a few of the recent investors, with research and development teams local to the region.

Montgomery County is home to The University of Dayton, and the University of Dayton Research Institute delivers unmatched science and engineering solutions to industries across the country. We are also located within a one-hour drive of 42 higher educational institutions including Wright State University, The Ohio State University, University of Cincinnati, and Miami University.