Dayton Region Israel Trade Alliance


Business Opportunities For Israeli Companies

We assist Israeli companies to capitalize on business opportunities, guiding them as they enter U.S. markets. Gwen Eberly and our experienced team of experts will search for that perfect partner as well as facilitate meetings with top executives, assist with project development, finance, licensing, distribution and manufacturing. No project is too big or too small! Contact Gwen Eberly.

Business Opportunities For American Companies

Gain access to Israel’s unique technologies with the assurance that the Israeli companies have been screened by the Dayton Region Israel Alliance and are “ready” for business. Hadas Bar-Or, Dayton, Ohio’s Region Trade Representative is located in Israel and assists DRITA in finding opportunities for Dayton Region companies to collaborate with Israel companies! Contact Hadas Bar-Or.



DRITA promotes development by delivering great value to Israeli companies seeking U.S. market entry and to American companies seeking access to Israeli markets and cutting edge technologies.


DRITA facilitated hundreds of introductions and interactions and identified dozens of collaboration opportunities including 25+ NDA’s signed between Israeli and Dayton Region companies in diverse sectors such as Medical Devices, Medical IT, Aerospace, HLS, Water, Defense and Sensor Technology.


Collaboration opportunities are abundant in the Dayton Region! Sinclair Community College, Montgomery County and DRITA (Dayton Region Israel Trade Alliance), integrated the Simlat ISR Multi Purpose Advanced Class Training (IMPACT) into Sinclair’s UAS National Training Center allowing students the opportunity to train on various platforms and payloads to perform their respective missions, all connected via network configuration and working simultaneously.

The Dayton Region Israel Trade Alliance (DRITA) was recognized with a 2016 Innovation Index Award by the Dayton Business Journal.

Interested in learning how you can grow your business and explore collaborative opportunities in Israel?


The Dayton Region Israel Trade Alliance  is represented by the City of Dayton, Montgomery County and the Dayton Development Coalition.

We are proud of our deep talent pool, academic and research institutions and also our excellent quality of life here in the Dayton Region!

Tapping into Israeli innovation and breakthrough technologies can elevate your company’s competitive edge with new and improved products and lower costs!

Why Israel?


Number of Start-Ups in Tel-Aviv


Number of Israeli’s with University Degrees


Number of people employed through Israeli Investments in Ohio


Amount Israel Invested in Life Science Companies in 2014


Number of Israeli Companies on NASDAQ


Number of companies with Israeli Investments in Ohio


The Year Motorola Invented the First Portable Cell Phone in Israel


Exports to Israel from Ohio in 2014


Number of Israel-based patents filed in the US during 2014


In November, 2017, DRITA organized a mission to Israel that included 20+ pre-scheduled and onsite meetings with companies in diverse fields such as HLS, Cyber Security, IT, Mobile, Medical, Defense, Aerospace, UAS, Transportation, and Food. Many were new leads and some were follow-ups on the Paris Air Show and the Select USA Washington event. We met with startups as well as large companies, including manufacturers. Some of the companies are looking to open a presence in the US in the immediate future and consider the Dayton Region.
On Friday, July 21, the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce hosted the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce at Montgomery County’s Business Solutions Center for the “Israel as a Market” seminar. FICC and DACC signed a Memorandum of Understanding to further relationships between businesses and organizations in Israel and the Dayton region. The Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce is Israel’s largest & oldest business organization and promotes business development & collaboration opportunities in Israel. Pictured L to R: Montgomery County Commission President Dan Foley, Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce – President Uriel Lynn, Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce President Phil Parker and FICC CEO Dan Carmely.


Take It From Our Partners!

“I can tell you we had a fantastic trip leaving Israel with 2 signed NDA’s and a better understanding of scope and process with Elbit Elop.”

- Christopher Wyse
President & CEO of Projects Unlimited, Inc.

“We would like to thank your entire staff for procuring what turned out to be an amazing business trip that yielded a number of large scale partnerships between our company, the State of Israel and Israeli based companies!”

- Russ Gottesman
Founder & CEO of Commuter Ads

“Thank you very much for your work on behalf of DRITA and Montgomery County in alerting me about the Bird program first responder grant opportunity and for identifying a potential partner.”

- Andy Schwartz
Corporate Counsel & Chief Procurement Officer of LION

International Business Thrives in the Dayton Region!


Hadas Bar-Or

Dayton Ohio Region Trade Representative
Tel Aviv, Israel

Gwen Eberly

Montgomery County Economic Development